Erectile dysfunction raises risk of unrecognized diabetes

As a consequence, we are finding our waistlines growing larger every year. This is due to that lack of exercise and the abundance of high-fat, high sugar foods we can take in whenever we want. This is the case even in the lower socioeconomic levels of society, where many children are learning bad eating habits that are gained when high-fat, inexpensive foods are placed in front of them. A bowl of macaroni and cheese and a sugary soda may become a regular part of their lives, mainly because they are so inexpensive to procure.

Another reason that men tend to be difficult to get an erection, when the company of attractive members of the opposite sex is a little thing we all know as performance anxiety. When you're on the unnaturally attractive woman, you might tend to feel like your entire existence is on the line. This type of stress can mean that you have a very hard erection, if you can get one at all. Stress and anxiety are the main factors causing erectile ability and sexual function. With great stress, premature ejaculation and other sexual problems are more common there.

So,when the arteries in the male sex organ dilate and then harden the veins which normally carry blood away from the penile area becomes narrow thus restricting the circulation of blood and hampering erection process. Due to the decreased amount of blood flow to the penile area Generic Viagra enhances blood flow and suppresses the growth and production of the enzyme PDE5type from making more weak or loose erections. Generic Viagra is to be taken by mouth as needed and it needs to be taken at least thirty minutes, but not longer than 4 hours, before sexual intercourse. Generic Viagra comes in three dosages 25mg, 50mg and 100mg respectively. The recommended dosage of this pill is 50mg. The dosage strength of Generic Viagra may be increased up to 100mg. The dosage strength of Generic Viagra may only be increased after consulting with the doctor. Prior increase in the intake of Generic Viagra without informing or consulting with the doctor may have a bad impact on your health.

Erectile dysfunction has been one of the prominently experienced sexual problems amongst men. This condition is known to affect a man’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Erectile problems have also been held responsible for broken relationships and marriages. Although this sounds to be an exaggeration of the condition, it is true as a couple often finds it difficult to enjoy their sexual encounters because of such sexual problems. Erectile dysfunction is a condition which makes it difficult for a man to achieve or sustain an erection long enough for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Most men experience this condition at least once in their life time for a temporary period of time.